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Our latest press articles about us and our App Plantsnap. We were very proud to be part of the following articles.

NBC News identified plants with PlantSnap head to head with other apps. Watch and read how we did!

ABC Louisville “App of the Week

CNET uses PlantSnap as one of their must-have camping hacks

The Associated Press discusses what makes a successful plant identification app like PlantSnap

The Telluride Daily Planet writes about PlantSnap’s humble beginnings

CBS Washington D.C. brings PlantSnap to the nation’s capital

PlantSnap…works like a charm” says Sunny Schubert of The Herald Independent in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

USA Today network story discusses the birth of PlantSnap

CBS Spokane puts PlantSnap to the test on the air

Cheddar calls PlantSnap “Shazam for Plants

The Auburn Reporter says that PlantSnap is an app that can be your guide to nature

Red Bull puts PlantSnap on their list of amazing apps for adventurers.

AI is learning from our encounters with nature, is that a concern

Australia’s Nine says Plantsnap app takes the hard work out of identifying plants

PlantSnap is Canada’s Mobile Syrup’s App of the Week

The EdTech Eleven: This Month’s Must-Know Tools

PlantSnap hard at work in Daytona, Florida

Permaculture Apprentice says that PlantSnap is one of 7 Smartphone Apps That’ll Make You A Better Permaculture Farmer and Designer

It’s Shazam, but for plants – and it works incredibly well

Beautiful Lafayette, California is enjoying their wildflower harvest with PlantSnap

PlantSnap one of several apps recommended for nature photography

The South China Morning Post lists PlantSnap as a top app for outdoor adventures, nature lovers and hiking trips

WRAL reports that PlantSnap is one of the 3 best apps for identifying plants and animals

The Evansville, Indiana Courier and Press suggests taking PlantSnap with you on your hikes

Inverse explores how PlantSnap and image recognition enhance human understanding of the natural world

Tomorrow’s World Today says PlantSnap is a guide to the outdoors

Portugal’s REO recommends PlantSnap to determine what is growing

Radio station 98.5 in Montreal recommends PlantSnap to those with a green thumb

Francois Charron says PlantSnap is the perfect tool for fans of exotic plants or nature in general

El Salvador’s “El Target” recommends PlantSnap for understanding ecosystems and identify new habitats

France’s Mon Jardin & Ma Maison says PlantSnap allows you to identify plants with an app in the blink of an eye

Ireland’s TV3 says PlantSnap is a great way to get your kids outside this summer

PlantSnap recommended by Androidpit as one of 5 new apps you should try this week

Spain’s Uptodown says PlantSnap is the ideal app for those who want to understand the plant-life around them

The Czech Republic’s Mobil Mania says PlantSnap is the app for lovers of flora

Outside writes that PlantSnap is one of 5 Digital Tools That Make Summer Adventuring Easier

Saudi Arabia’s Tech World says that PlantSnap can help you connect to the world around you

Wise Bread lists PlantSnap as one of 8 apps to help you explore the great outdoors PlantSnap as one of 8 apps to help you explore the great outdoors

Startup Beat says PlantSnap can recognize 90% of all plant life just by taking a picture

Technology Brigade says that PlantSnap is the “best app to know about any plant in the world

Bolivia’s El Diario calls PlantSnap a “revolutionary app” for identifying plants

Italy’s says that PlantSnap is the “Shazam for plants” and a “botanist in your pocket

Gardens Illustrated calls PlantSnap “the revolutionary plant identification app” in their 2018 Education Guide